Ways to Increase Hair Growth Using Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used since early Egyptian times. Even in Roman times it was used to cleanse the skin and beautify the hair.

We all know that it is good for the body. For example, it has been found to help lower cholesterol and also helps promote heart health. Externally, it is used to moisturize the skin and is used to treat the hair.

If you have oily hair, you may not need to treat your hair with it because it will just make more oily.

But if you are using products that make your hair look better you may be damaging your hair. Such actions as curling, styling or coloring your hair will make your hair look good, but it will also damage it.

Besides repairing your hair, olive oil can also be used to help re-grow your hair and stop hair loss.

Olive Oil And Hair Growth

There are claims that this oil can re-grow and stop hair loss caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is believed to stop the formation of DHT by inhibiting the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. By taking this enzyme out of the picture, DHT cannot form and your loss is stopped.

I am doubtful of this claim, because I do not see any thing in olive oil that could effectively promote hair growth and stop hair loss caused by DHT.

However, if you are losing it for other reasons, olives may be your key to re-growing your hair.

Re-Growing Your Hair Using Olive Oil

The first thing you need to do to re-grow your hair, is to find the cause of your loss. Once you have eliminated the cause, then you can use this oil to help you re-grow your hair. Using this type of oil will not only help you re-grow your hair, but will make it stronger and will put more moisture into it.

The most common way people treat their hair with olive oil is to use a half cup of virgin oil, heat it up till it is warm and then apply to the hair and scalp. It is usually then covered with a plastic shower cap and let set for 30 minutes.

Then wash it out with a mild shampoo and towel dry.


If you are losing your hair because of male or female pattern baldness caused by DHT, olive oil may not be your holy grail. But if you are losing it for other reasons using warm virgin oil will allow you to re-grow it after you stop the loss.

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