Healthy teeth are healthy permanent basis

Person’s life has two teeth: deciduous and permanent teeth. Under normal circumstances children age 5 or 6 years old from around , primary teeth begin physiological loss, the replace the deciduous teeth have erupted, to 12-13 years old, replaced all the teeth to. This is the period of children. Some people think that deciduous teeth are temporary, a few years off, and anyway, the future will be to eruption and then too late to protect, so the child does not care about bad teeth, which is very wrong of. In fact, both the growth of teeth are not isolated, when row in is not present in the form of deciduous tooth at the root, there is a succession of replacement Shiyou eruption problem, so the eruption of primary healthy is a permanent guarantee of success , teeth not treated in time will affect the , because the growth of determines the subsequent development of permanent teeth. Any cause damage or premature loss of deciduous teeth, can affect chewing function. So not only related to the health of chewing the child, digestion, but also affect jaw and dental arch development, and affect the jaw and in the permanent tooth health, the five-year-old children, the than let them play the piano, skating is more important. Because the new grow almost with their lives, but also to the diet, appearance, and even psychology, so to protect the health of teeth is very important.

Disease, the health of their permanent grow the negative impact is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. Affect the arrangement of permanent teeth

The child’s deciduous retained in the oral cavity of about 12 years. During this period, in addition to chewing teeth, the jaw and dental arch to promote the normal development is very important. And future growth and health of permanent neatly arranged, plays an important role. If the individual teeth due to caries and premature loss, missing and the gap behind the to move forward, move back in front of the teeth, to seize the air when the position of blocking the eruption of , permanent eruption can not be normal, only grow from somewhere else, this way, the eruption of may grow Waiqiniuba or crowded, or very sparse, or abnormal occlusion (as pocket teeth, toothy open lips, etc.). Large area of deciduous caries children can not eat, chew, only the food in your mouth. Over time, degradation of masticatory function and jaw to chew because they did not receive adequate stimulation and can not develop normally.

2. Affect the texture and appearance of the permanent successor

If very serious bad teeth, often inflammation, may affect the development of permanent following primary teeth. Constant presence in the deciduous tooth root below, when the to root caries developed severe inflammation, the bacteria will enter the permanent tooth near the interference permanent hard tissue formation and calcification, leaving hampered the development of permanent teeth, when the after eruption of permanent affected will have the shape defects, surface patches, crunchy texture, and other phenomena, it is susceptible to dental caries. More seriously, even before the eruption may be necrosis of the future may be a lack of permanent teeth.

3. Time of eruption of affected

Such as premature loss of deciduous to protect poor and can cause permanent tooth eruption or permanent dislocation and premature eruption is not well developed. Carious teeth, into the apical inflammation, resulting in absorption of inflammation surrounding the will be the lack of adequate early eruption, early Eruption after eruption easily injured. Therefore, the need for early treatment of deciduous caries.
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In short, the healthy is to protect the health. Start small, and protect baby’s , it means to protect the child’s permanent. Only protect the teeth, can be a lifetime.