Helping Separation Anxiety in Pets

One of the most trying problems a new dog or cat owner comes across is separation anxiety in pets. We tend to be very close with our pets, often considering them a member of our families. It’s no wonder, it’s a great feeling to be greeted by the unconditional love of your dog or to have a cat curled up in your lap at the end of the day. Our pets become attached to us to, they enjoy affection and our attention, not to mention the fact that they understand that we keep them safe and fed.

Unfortunately, this attachment can actually become unhealthy. A patent who becomes uncomfortably attracted to their owner is not healthy. If you notice your pet needs to be within arms reach of you at all times and is constantly jumping up on you, they may be suffering from anxiety. Other symptoms of separation anxiety in pets include aggressive behavior, uncontrollable crying or barking or destructive behavior especially when you are not at home.

Now, I need to speak to pet owners frankly here. Owning a pet is a responsibility. Not unlike a parent with a child, you are responsible for another life. I see far too often pet owners who are unwilling to take responsibility for the well-being of their pet. Your dog or cat is not a toy, they are a living, breathing animal under your care. Remember, animal abuse is more than intentionally causing physical harm to your pets. Ignoring serious problems is just as abusive as hitting your dog or cat.

Separation anxiety in pets is a very serious problem, and here’s why. As mentioned earlier, your pet considers you to be their protector and provider. In taking this role, you have a responsibility to not only keep your pet safe, secure, and fed, but they must also feel safe when you are not there. A pet suffering from separation anxiety only feels safe and secure in your direct presence. This is unacceptable as it means that your pet spends every second in your absence terrified.

This kind of prolonged anxiety can lead to terrible behavior now and severe health problems down the road. With just a few simple tricks, a pet owner can learn to speak their pet’s language and to reassure them that they are safe even when away from the house. Remember, separation anxiety in pets is not just a matter of your pet missing you, it is a matter of them being scared for their life every time you leave.

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