The Basics of Flea Control

If you are new to having a pet, you might be surprised at the number of different things you need to keep on top of. Vaccinations, health checks, heartworm medication, intestinal worms, dog food… the list seems endless. Today I want to give you the basics on flea control, which is essential to keep your pet and your house parasite free.

When it comes down to it, flea treatment is fairly simple. Use a good quality flea control product (such as Frontline Plus) on your pet every month before you have a flea infestation, and it is likely that you never will get a flea problem.

On the other hand, flea treatment can be quite difficult. Use a poor quality flea control product (or none at all) and allow a big flea infestation to build up on your pet (and in your house), and we are talking about some major effort to get things sorted out.

If you are someone who has done the former, give yourself a pat on the back and stop reading. You and your pet can look forward to a long, flea free and happy life.

If, on the other hand you are knee deep in fleas, here is what you need to do:

  • 1. Buy (and apply properly) a good quality flea control product.
  • Quality here is important. Buying a dodgy, unproven flea treatment product from the local pet store of supermarket just won’t cut it, and may be the reason that you are here looking for advice about your flea problem. Flea shampoos, collars, dips, and powders are out! Instead, get one of the well known and proven flea control products such as Advantage, Frontline Plus, Comfortis or Revolution. Make sure you follow all of the directions when you apply the product. This includes proper application and avoiding bathing (if the product is a top-spot).

  • 2. Clean your house – thoroughly
  • All of those fleas on your pet have been dropping eggs everywhere your pet goes. With each flea laying up to 50 eggs per day, there is bound to be juvenile fleas galore around your pet’s favourite hangouts. You need to vacuum your house thoroughly, and make sure to throw out the bag straight away. A steam mop would be an even better option. Wash all of your pets bedding in hot soapy water, soaking for at least 10 minutes. Continue to do this twice weekly for as long as you are seeing fleas.

    In most cases, these two steps will be sufficient to get your flea problem under control. It won’t happen overnight, but within a few weeks most of the fleas should be gone from your house an pet. Don’t be surprised to see the occasional flea on your pet in the first few weeks – fleas that hatch from the environment will jump on to your pet. But they will die within a few hours, so don’t be too worried.

    Good luck with your flea control mission.