Holidaying With Tanzania Safari

Planning for a holiday in advance!! If your idea of the ideal holiday is a combination of fun, adventure and sports then a safari holiday is just what you are looking for! And for an all this excitement what better place than Africa!

‘Safari’ means journey in the Swahili language. An expedition in itself, filled with so much fun and adventure, it would becomes difficult to supersede this once in a lifetime opportunity. Tanzania is one of the most popular safari locations. Located in central East Africa it is a country blessed with rich wildlife and beautiful landscapes. The inhabitants of Tanzania are just one of the reasons to visit the country. With their friendly nature, the natives of Tanzania help the tourists to feel at home. Tanzania safari is situated in nature’s lap and is one of the major tourist attractions. With various Safaris at your convenience and with prices to suit any budget, you have the option of choosing a holiday that is personally designed to suit your interests.

The Serengeti National Park is amongst the best wildlife reserves. Its high density of predators and prey has made Serengeti National Park one of the most famous safari destinations. With around 25,000 zebra and over around half a million wildebeest, the national park is famous for its annual migration. The Serengeti National park also has a healthy stock of ‘Big Five’ wildlife, these are lions, African leopards, African elephants, black rhinoceros, and African buffalo, the national park is blessed with them all.

Not only is it blessed with incredible wildlife, but Tanzania Safari is also a complete balance of wildlife within beautiful landscapes. One of the major attractions is the white spirited mountain- Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the highest free standing mountain in Africa. Permanently covered with snow, Mount Kilimanjaro holds the record for the most climbed mountain. No technical training and knowledge is required to climb the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You just need to be physically fit and mentally prepared to touch the peak. Apart from Mt. Kilimanjaro there is Mt. Meru, it takes around two to three hours to cover the crater of Mt. Meru.

The Zanzibar Pemba Island rich in natural resources is a small island surrounded by beaches. The island is often referred to as the Spice Islands. Rich in the quality of spices, Zanzibar and Pemba islands are the leading manufacturer of cloves. Apart from these two, Mafia Island is another place enriched with spices. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Tanzania. Enjoying a position just below the equator, the Islands are generally found to have cool and pleasant weather, surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean. The ocean adds to the natural beauty of the Islands making them perfect for a honeymoon couple to cherish. Another major attraction is the hot air ballooning and swimming with dolphins etc. Tanzania Safari is truly a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

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