Must Visit National Parks in Australia

Australia has many beautiful National parks and all are worth seeing but the 5 “must see” take you from one end of the country to the other.

Probably the one that springs to mind is Kakadu National Park in the NT. Home to a diverse range of mammal, birds, reptiles and marine creatures, not to mention the fantastic plant life. This timeless land stretches 20,00o sq kms and is World heritage listed. The Kakadu area has been home to the Bininj/Mungguy people for tens of thousands of years and there is a great spiritual connect with the land here.

The park is managed by the Director of National Parks and the traditional Aboriginal owners jointly. There are rock art sites to see, ranger guided tours and cultural centers. There are lots of places to camp, some in established camp grounds for a small fee and other more remote bush sites which are free but have few if any amenities and drinking water is not available. This is a must visit place where you can feel the connection of the ancient peoples here.

The Coorong National Park in southern South Australia is conservation area and a great place for nature lovers. It starts at the Murray mouth and runs 110 km along the south eastern coast. The park can be reached by boat from several points and 4WD vehicles can have access on the southern beach. The area is popular for fishing and other water sports. For the bushwalking you can see wetlands, lagoons, diverse plants life as well as many reptiles and native animals. The bird life here is incredible with many species of bird using this area as a breeding ground. Camping is permitted in certain areas but you must have a permit. There are also several camping and caravan parks in nearby towns. A visit to a real conservation park is not to be left out of your itinerary

The Grampians National Park in Victoria offers some spectacular scenery as well as an amazing array of plants and wildflowers. This national park can only be described as breathtaking and visiting the park in late spring when it is in full bloom is an amazing spectacle. Covering 167,000 acres the Grampians are a safe haven for many native animals. There are eco lodges scattered throughout the area and there are several campsites available. Enjoy rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding or even play a game of golf.

The Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park in Tasmania has an amazing contrast of landscapes from glorious mountain peaks to gorges and lush valleys, with the wildest of rivers winding their way through them. See the Franklin River which was the place of one of this country’s biggest conservation battles. Enjoy a boast cruise, go hiking or take some leisurely walks along the many trails. There are many guided tours available which will show you some great scenery. Scenic flights are also available. Camping is permitted at designated camping sites.

Fraser Island off the Central Queensland Coast is the world’s largest sand island and is part of the great Sandy island NP. It was World heritage listed in 1992 and has incredible plant life from mangrove swamps to lush rainforest. There are plenty of places to camp from camping grounds to beach camping areas all are well signposted. There is also resort style and holiday accommodation available. Booking are essential in peak periods. There is a lot of wildlife on Fraser Island including the most purest strain of dingo. Access to the island is via a barge which leaves from three different spots on the mainland.

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