Caravan Parks Vs Camping Grounds

When you have the urge to get close to nature, you need to know the difference between caravan parks and camping grounds, so that when you are planning your next vacation, you can choose the place that suits your needs perfectly.

A camping ground is usually a site where you can stay overnight outdoors. There are two types of camping grounds – one is an impromptu area that you choose to bed down for the night when you are out hiking or backpacking. The other kind is one that is specifically set out for the purpose of camping out, where a fee is usually charged, with a few improvements and certain facilities. However, there are camping grounds where little or no facilities are available.

Dedicated camping grounds usually have some sort of fireplace to build a campfire. There is normally a road access to the campsite, a concrete or gravel area to park your car, and picnic tables. Also, each campsite within is usually marked with a boundary between campers. Reservations are usually necessary at the dedicated camping grounds, especially during the holiday season.

Gas, propane, water, electricity, and sewer hook-ups are provided. Also potable water, raised platforms to pitch your tent, and a small convenience store are also provided. Many campgrounds may also include pit toilets, flush toilets and showers, hand basins and mirrors in the bathrooms, shower facilities, wood for free or for sale, as well as large rubbish bins for garbage.

As far as caravans parks and camping grounds go, caravan parks will win hands down with those who want to be close to nature, but still want all the comforts of home. The landowner usually makes provision for water and sewage, as well as general site and grounds maintenance. Some caravan parks will also include a small camping site for those touring the area.

Caravan parks also have shower and laundry facilities, a central recreational area with a theatre that can be used for both stage and other forms of entertainment. Caravan parks also have restaurants as well as shops. With all the extras that can be enjoyed at caravan parks, staying there is usually more expensive.

Camping grounds are there for those who want to rough it – with a few little extras, while caravan parks are definitely for those wanting to get close to nature, but with all the conveniences of home – the choice is yours.

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