What Is The Best Way To Get To The Campsite? Do I Need An Estate Car?

For most people this question can be answered by using the family car. Unfortunately there are not many people out there who can have a car just for the purpose of going camping. If you are regular camper then you may be able to work this in as long as it fits with your job and lifestyle. Estate cars do work best fro camping due to the sheer amount of room available, but many modern hatchbacks offer a tremendous amount of storage space compared to old. They also have 12- volt sockets in the boot which is great if you run a cool box when camping.

There are a few ways if you do not have the luxury of an estate or 4×4 which include a roof rack, roof box and a bike rack as many bike racks let you store other items apart from bikes. If you do carry bikes on the back though you need to be aware of the legal requirement to leave a clear view of your number plates, lights and indicators. This can be overcome with a lighting board mounted on the back of your load.

A roof box can add additional storage space on any size of car which then opens up all sorts of possibilities. Especially if you drive around in a mini and have worried that you would never get all of your camping gear on board, a roof box may be your answer.

Motorcycle is also another popular way to go camping. I think this is in part due to the fact that motorbikes are often seen as a means of expressing your freedom, much the same as camping so they go hand in hand. But it is perfectly legal to tow a trailer with your motorcycle. You can get accessories for your bike to take even more camping gear such as saddlebags, rear panniers, front panniers and a handlebar bag which is purpose built. I know one of my camping friends has a BMW motorcycle and they even supply all the camping equipment themselves for their custom-fit luggage from their accessory range.

The key here is to not overload your vehicle when you go camping; we have all been there especially if you are going with the family. It is all to tempting to try and fit everything imaginable into the boot for your trip. Try and remember that camping itself is in essence a vacation without all the modern day trappings of life.

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