Should I Take My Baby Camping

As I have been camping a long time I always see this question crop up. There is no definitive answer as to what age your baby should be when he first goes camping; this is down to the views of the parents. I know many experienced campers who have started taking their children into the great outdoors at just a few weeks. Remember humans’ eons ago lived their lives in this manner in the outdoors so really it is nothing new under the sun here.

If you are confident that you can keep yourself warm and dry then you can do the same for your baby. However bear in mind this is a serious decision if you end up cold and miserable and wet in your tent then you will get over it, it is quite another thing if a baby is involved.

You need to be aware of the fact that you will have to deal with same routines on a camping trip that you would at home such as warming up bottles, changing nappies. To be fair campsites in the UK and Europe are quite geared up towards children on campsites but remember the facilities are not going to be the same as at home or in a hotel.

Sleeping bags and outdoor clothing now come in the smallest sizes so there is no issue there. Remember just because your child is small it doesn’t mean the space he occupies is going to be small. Make sure your tent has adequate room for a travel cot and all of their baby gear.

If you love camping then I would suggest getting your children involved as early as possible, this way it gets in their genes. I took my daughter when she was a bit older at two years old and she loves it. You can have them in your compartment in the tent if you feel worried. Camping in my experience with my children has given them the ability to learn new skills and really get the most out of things. It is such a nice feeling when you away with your children camping without the video console in the background or the television blaring. Only you can make the right decision to take your baby along but only do it if you feel comfortable as you do not want your holiday tarnished if you are constantly worrying. You go away on holiday to get away from it all so it is important that you have the right mindset.

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