Down Sleeping Bags – What to Look For

If you enjoy the outdoors, camping, hiking, expeditions or just a weekend jaunt with friends, finding just the right sleeping bag is imperative. Down sleeping bags have become the leading choices over synthetic bags for outdoor living.

Down Sleeping Bags

There are several advantages to using a down sleeping bag over synthetic bag. One of the most important reasons is the warmth they provide. As long as they are kept dry, a down bag is crafted specifically for warmth and are considerably warmer than a synthetic one. Using a meticulous process of quilting to ensure all areas of the bag have equal amounts of down to keep you warm and really are the only choice for to keep warm and cozy all night long.

Weight is another important advantage to using a down bag over a synthetic. No matter what the use, carrying around a heavy bag amongst all of your other camping needs isn’t ideal. Most importantly if you use your bag for long hiking adventures or expeditions you won’t want to use any other one except for down. The lightweight material and compressibility of a down bag not only allows for easy packing but provides great relief for your back.

Although a down sleeping bag can typically be slightly more expensive than your average synthetic bag, they actually cost a lot less in the long term. Because of the generous craftsmanship and natural materials that go into creating a down sleeping bag their life is much longer than a synthetic sleeping bag.

The most important thing to consider when buying a down bag is choosing the right kind of down for your needs. If you participate in more serious expeditions than you will want to find a bag that is filled with high loft goose down. This type of down is considered to be the highest end of downs and will also be the lightest and most compressible. Goose down would be your next level of down. Goose is also very fine, however it contains a bit more weight than a high loft. Duck down is appropriate for the occasional camper or outdoors man. Like goose and high loft down, Duck down is lightweight however it is not as fine as the others. Duck down is an excellent option and the most affordable of the three.

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