Homeschool Art Class For Children

Getting started with Homeschool art can be a challenge but is an important part of any Homeschool curriculum. The Arts allow children to express themselves and improves their creativity abilities, imagination and to explore their inner thoughts and feeling, Countless studies clearly show that Teaching Art education not only develops the right side of the brain but it also develops neural body-brain connections critical for children to achieve their full potential in all areas of study.

Art class for children Includes painting, sketching, line, color, shape, texture, pattern, sketching, sculpture – as well as Art-history, Art appreciation, cultural appreciation, right-brain drawing techniques, and much more. Children need Art the same way they need science and literature to gain knowledge of the world and how it works. Adding Kids Art projects to your Homeschool curriculum is a great way to create ideas that cannot be accessed by any other means.

Art lessons for children The best part about developing your child’s artistic abilities through Kids Art projects is that you can start them at a very early age, kids as young as one years old love to draw, color and use water paints

Kids are naturally very imaginative and can create a rainbow of treasures with simple paints and white paper. This is a great project for learning how to mix colors. Use just the primary colors red, yellow and blue in a watercolor set. Show young kids how these primary colors mix together to make green, orange and violet. They will be delighted and it peaks their interest to learn more As they grow older there are three main components to teaching a Homeschool Art curriculum, Art appreciation, Art History and Right-brain drawing techniques.

Art appreciation

The foundation of any Art lessons for children program is Art appreciation which is the study of How to use Child Size Masterpieces for Art Appreciation This well-known Montessori-style program uses postcard-sized art prints to teach art appreciation to children most programs includes art prints with discussion guides – artist and artwork background – curriculum connections divided in to age groups an levels.

Art History

Art class for children programs should also include Art history which is the study of Art works from prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. In modern times, the history of Art refers to the history of the visual arts of painting, sculpture and architecture.

Right-brain drawing techniques

Techniques for using paints, markers and colored pencils, modeling compounds, crayons. It’s the introduction to a wide variety of methods, including drawing, painting, pottery, sculpting, etc. Art technique is also multilevel so that you introduce several Kids Art projects and teach all of your children at the same time.

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