How To Select Basic Face Painting Tools

You can get overwhelmed when you step into your local stores to select a set of basic face painting tool or face painting kit. These days, it is possible to even purchase these tool kits over the internet and have them delivered to your door step. Oh, thanks to technology.

So, I am going to start you off with a few simple recommendations and those items that I mentioned below should form your basic face painting kit as you set off to any parties.

Basic Tool Kit

Face Paints I have to mention this item first as this is what face painting is all about. It is best to use water based paints like Snazaroo for all the reasons you can think of. Personally, I think the ease of washing and cleaning up (both the faces and the painting tools) suffices to justify the selection of such paints over the cream based make-ups.

Sponges Get yourself a few sponges for different colors. What I like to do is to buy the bigger sponges and creatively cut them into smaller sizes and shapes. I use the bigger ones to apply the base color while the smaller ones for creative touch-ups on the faces.

Paint Brushes You will need different brushes for different strokes. So, select a minimum of 3 paint brushes for a variety of brushing effects. Also, avoid the cheaper ones that fray easily. They are going to hurt your masterpiece.

A Jar of Warm Water I know, this is pretty much common sense, but let’s make this article suggestion as complete as possible. So, yes, please prepare a jar of warm water for cleansing and washing purposes.

Tissues and Baby Wipes You won’t forget the tissue packs, I’m sure, but some face painters do not use wet baby wipes. I love it because they are just so convenient. You can use a towel instead if you like.

Mirror Alright this is not for you, not exactly. But a pleasant smile on the faces of the kids you paint on will always bring you delight, and a good reminder of why you are doing what you are doing. So do the kids and yourself a favor. Bring and mirror and remember to use it!

Face Painting Design Templates Again, this is for the kids to select the face painting design of their choice, be it a butterfly, tiger or spider man, so this is in fact a necessity. You may need another guide for yourself if you cannot paint from memory. Recently, I witnessed a young face painter pulling out her face design templates from an iPhone. Cool! Talk about technology…it’s time for me to upgrade too.

You should be all set with the basic tools listed above. As you progress, you can add to the list.

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