Leadership Coaching: Things Leaders Must Avoid

If you are looking to be an effective leader the following things may actually be taking you away from achieving your dream of being an effective leader. Good leaders abstain from doing the following things.

Do you love listening to your voice a lot? Even if you do, your team is not what you must be talking incessantly to. People who talk too much are not respected a lot. Always weigh what you say and let each word that emerges from your mouth be fraught with meaning. Every word must carry value when you are speaking with your team.

Are you double-minded? People who are always living with two minds can never arrive at a decision. Your team can smell such indecisiveness in you from a country mile. Always put great thought in your strategies and tell them to your team only when you are sure this is what you want to do. Telling them one thing and then changing it the next instant reflects poorly on your capability as a leader.

Do you get confused a lot? This stems from your fear of your responsibility. You need to inculcate values of elegant courage in you. You will probably do well if you seek out a leadership coaching mentor who can guide you in those crucial first few weeks of your leadership journey. Confusion is cured with perfect clarity of the critical focus areas for the business.

Are you unsympathetic towards your team? This is clearly indicated when you give someone a task that they don’t like to do but there is someone else who would give a limb for that opportunity. Or, when you refuse someone in your team something that is important to them. Leadership coaching tells leaders how they should spend some time getting to know their team better and then to use this knowledge to do jobs like assigning tasks to people.

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