Leadership Success – The Keys To Making Change

Many organisations are facing some tough times right now. Here in the UK the scale of the deficit in public finances is resulting in what many see as fairly radical changes in areas like the public sector.

As someone who spent a significant part of their career in the public sector, I know just how much of a challenge it can be. So what are some of the key things to making change?

Key 1: Acceptance

In my experience, one of the first keys to making change is an acceptance that it needs to happen. Unless you can get to a point where there is a degree of acceptance that carrying on doing nothing is not an option, nothing happens.

Key 2: Communication

Everyone has their views, perspectives and ideas on what should and what should not happen. As a result, communication is a lot about explaining what and why and also listening to the ideas, worries and concerns of others.

Key 3: Realism

Of course you can always take some immediate actions that will deliver some short term benefits. However, ultimately you want to be making change that is sustainable. Achieving the latter takes time and there needs to be a degree of realism. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Key 4: Involvement

People who are part of the organisation and who have been part of it for a long period are very attached. Involving these people in the change process is vital. The involvement of these people or otherwise can really make or break the change process.

Key 5: Courage

Making any sort of significant change is going to need leaders who are willing to make the big calls and decisions. This ultimately means putting the interests of the organisation, its customers and users, rather than personal survival, at the forefront. Sadly, it is often a lack of courage that results in things not happening.

The Bottom Line: Change is an inevitable part of the modern day business. So what do you need to focus on to achieve success?

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