Light Sensitivity – One of the Many Effects of a Headache

Headaches can do more than cause you pain. Some can completely incapacitate you. No matter the cause, there are things you can do to help stop the pain…and things to avoid.


Light: The darker the room, the better for your pain. Many times, your eyes are at least part of the problem. Just closing your eyes usually isn’t enough. Even with your eyes closed, some light can still seep in.

Strong Smells: It may be individual, but certain scents, particularly of the culinary variety, can make head pain worse. For me, bacon, hamburger and even garlic are too strong. Even a baby’s diaper deposit can turn it from a headache to headache and vomiting.

Exercise: Some headaches are caused by restrictions in blood vessels. Exercise can make that worse. That’s one reason one of the first recommendations for a headache sufferer is to lie down.

Sound: We have quite a surround sound system, built over many years. The bass is so strong it can and has knocked dishes off of shelves. It even caused my favorite platter to be broken…just from the system. Can you imagine what that would do with a headache involved?

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Home Remedies

Pain Relievers: Over the counter pain relievers may help some headaches. Which you choose depends on what conditions you have and what medications you are already taking. Talk to your pharmacist to make sure you’re taking something safe for you. If the OTC pain reliever doesn’t work, see your doctor. Severe pain, especially if it has a sudden onset should also be seen immediately.

Cool Cloth: I have found a cool, damp cloth to be very helpful in most headaches. You may also want to put one around the back of your neck. Cold cloths may be too much and make the headache worse, so just keep it luke warm.

Lavender: A small amount of lavender added to the water you dip the cloth in can gently soothe. This is good for tension headaches. Lavender is used both the aromatherapists and herbalists to help relax muscles, which can mean headache relief.

No matter what causes it, headaches are among the hardest maladies to deal with. Hopefully the above mentioned tips will help the next time you have one.

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