Making Decisions While You Are Emotional

Making Decisions While You Are Emotional

“You have been very kind to me,” said the young girl. No one else seems to deserve these words other than her teen boyfriend. She had known hardness all her life, the impact of stress was not her fear any longer. Obviously, it takes more time for her to think of what to feed upon with her family than the time it took the survivors of Titanic to be evacuated. Moreover, meeting her you no longer need the definition of what it means to be a brilliant girl in high school. Among her peers she was the best, but with least financial opportunity. In life there are different cards that have been brought for us to play, you must learn to play with the ones you have.

Only her teenage boyfriend gave answer to how she could keep her dreams alive by paying for her final examination fees at high school. Auspiciously, the young man who loved her was born with a silver spoon. The time came when this young man was to be sent abroad to study in order to obtain a university degree, but to him it was not a good news. A fish that must obtain good oxygen must be able to jump above the waters. He brought her beautiful and brilliant lover the news, and as he did all he could see in her limpid eyes was joy. He was afraid of losing her while she was happy her boyfriend was leaving to study with the royals.

How could she appreciate the young man who paid for her school fees? She thought of nothing else at this emotional state than to offer him her virginity. He refused at first but later succumbed and had intercourse with her. Her pride was lost just because she could not find a better way of saying ‘thanks’ to the young man she feared she might never see again.

A decision is what guarantees a man’s tomorrow. Life is full of choices but humans are not perfect engineers when it involves making a decision. The decisions you make today may either make or mar you. Have you ever wondered what would be the fate of an ant, if it decides not to provide its supplies in summer. Of course, nothing would be in winter for it to gather. Political leaders make decisions daily that continually affect our lives and of our unborn children. For an average young man, the society decides what becomes of him because he has not taken time to consider taking right and great decisions. There is neither a good war nor a bad peace, yet some world leaders had embarked on war when a dark heart made a decision to do so.

Men decided to use their intelligence to make weapons, building an arsenal that continually wrestles with peace. A decision to detonate a bomb could only be born out of a decision that led to the manufacture of a bomb. If every man can learn to make positive and right decisions, sure the world would be a better place. What decisions do you make when you are angry? Making decisions when you are angry affect your employees and patronizers when you are at work. If you make a decision to steal, be also ready to make another decision to lie. You will not lie unless you have done something wrong. ” Decisions lead to decisions.” Many have made decisions to be an ignoramus. I am sure you are not one because haven taken a decision to read this material means you love knowledge.

Decision is the only family where all the children bear the same name because decisions lead to decisions. The heart of this article is to encourage everyone to make great decisions at the best possible time. You would probably be taking a wrong decision when you are sad, anxious, happy, heart broken, depressed and other unbalanced state of mind. It is time for you to be a better person when it comes to taking decisions. I respect a man’s decision more than his financial status because without good decisions your financial stability is not guaranteed. What decisions do you make each time you earn a dollar? Remember, if you buy things you don’t need you would soon begin to sell what you need. What decisions influence your scale of preference? A better person is one who make better decisions reflecting also in his or her choices each day. No scientist have been able to negate the fact that the only constant thing on earth is change. You can change yourself, family, society, country and the world by making right and good decisions.