What Is Personal Self Development?

What Is Personal Self Development?

Being clear about what Personal Self Development is can make or break your home business. It involves working on areas like skills, building confidence, personal belief, and time management, and how you interact with people, just to name a few. Of course unless you put what you know to practice it will do you no good.

If you think of your home business like your golf game you know that there are many areas of your game that you need to work on consistently to see improvement. It takes a commitment to improve that will make you do the necessary action. Like forcing yourself to spend time working on your putting when you would rather spend your time at the range swinging the big stick.

At times we have to accept what we need to work on in our business to see improvements. Often the area that needs the most attention is the area you are most intimidated by or causes you the greatest discomfort. What I have found is when I make myself do what ever is the one thing I am most hesitant to do, and do it before anything else, I have the highest degree of satisfaction in my work.

Personal Self Development takes work on a daily basis over the life of your business. It’s in the consistency and willingness to work on the areas that you are weakest in that will make all the difference. In fact the day you decide you no longer need to work on your own Personal Self Development, is the time you will start seeing attrition seeping in and sucking the life out of your business.

Most people who take up the game of golf have a certain amount of natural ability. What makes a great golfer out of an average golfer is learned competency. The same holds true with those working a home business. It’s not what you know or who you are when you start your business it’s what you learn and who you become.

Personal Self development is all about Self Improvement. It is a determination to become the best you can be in all areas, not only your business life, but also your personal life. There are many ways to achieve this, and it is up to the individual to find what they respond best to.

There are some basic practices and behaviors that can benefit your personal self development. Here are some of the key resources that are available:

1. Daily read or listen to books or tapes of powerful people. You become who you hang around with most.

2. To reinforce #1 make a point to spend as much face to face time with people who are successful and inspire you.

3. To reinforce #1 and #2 Stay away from naysayers, negative people, people who are content or complacent, and people who want you to stay the same. Have you ever had to play golf with an ill-tempered player, it is almost impossible to have a good game.

4. To reinforce #1, #2 and #3 Seek wisdom from what ever higher power you source your belief from. I personally read books by expert golfers for my golf tips.

As you can see you need to be in control of your environment, and who you give credence to, when it comes to Personal Self Development. You can fail just fine by yourself or with negative people, but it always takes help from positive people to succeed.