Mobile Teeth Whitening

When we think initially about teeth whitening we sometimes perceive this to be done at home or in the dentists chair but this is not always the case. As many people understand the procedure is actually quite straight forward and therefore can be undertaken mobile.

The type of mobile teeth whitening is typically the laser or light based method as this will be finished in around an hour. So it is perfectly safe to be done mobile as the light can be transported around with a couch or portable chair system and this does not detract from the end result which is whiter teeth.

When the teeth start to soak up the staining we begin to notice the change of colour and what is interesting is that it might be an old photo or school friend and suddenly we begin to feel more aware of the stained teeth and want them whitened. Teeth will darken with age and the stains start to stick in the pores of the enamel and this prevents the light from reflecting and also changes the colour to yellow.

Smokers are more prone to this as nicotine really increases the staining process and makes the teeth yellow in such a short period of time but help is at hand as teeth whitening performed slightly more regularly than usual will keep a smokers teeth looking white and clean.

Maybe a laser treatment followed by the regular use of a home kit will work well as this uses the kit to keep the staining at bay and prevents the build up of re-staining on the teeth.

Teeth are unique so there is no hard and fast rules but generally speaking if the teeth can be stained then they can be whitened and for some people going to a dentist or beauty salon is something that does not appeal to them and this is why mobile teeth whitening can be a really useful service. Some people have had a really bad experience at some in their life with their dentist so the prospect of having their teeth whitened by a dentist is not viable and the same goes for beauty salons. Men for example feel intimidated in those places so having their teeth laser whitened in there is just not going to happen.

The other place mobile teeth whitening is undertaken is in shopping malls. This is where you sit in front of passing shoppers having your teeth whitened. This is not everyone’s cup of tea because on busy shopping days you are going to attractive many people who are amazed to see someone at a shopping centre with their mouth exposed having whitening but it does happen!

Whatever you feel comfortable with there is a treatment waiting for you and the benefits of having whiter teeth are well worth the investment in time and money.
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