Never Park your Car near a Casino

I had to try the roulette. I simply had to. Just out of curiosity. Unfortunately, I got lucky with the fist 10 bucks I invested. That happened on Friday evening, and the idea that I could make a living out of that was already harassing my mind. Somehow, I had the feeling I was not the only one. Besides, there was this old little man betting more than we did. Much more. And he began to tell us…

He was a student when he began gambling. Now, he was in his 60s, and he was still gambling. A little bit too often, I would say.

the_rouletteHe told us he started to make a living out of that. As a matter of fact, to quote him exactly, “to make an eating out of that”. He would gamble 5 dollars and make money to buy food for an entire week.

He was actually collecting free coins in the casinos during the week to gain credit for his share of adrenaline and food. If I had to believe his words, he was a happy situation. Because, at the end of the day, he would actually make a profit.

Well, after the successful experiment on Friday, I said to myself I should try various strategies for 3 more days. So Saturday night came, and I gambled exactly like the evening before. After 20 or 30 minutes, I was broke. And overwhelmed by an irresistible impulse to go on.

So I promised to myself I would never enter a casino again, unless I had some extra cash to waste and I was not willing to spend it on regular crap like beer or junk-food.

Still, I could not help it and I browsed for “roulette” on the Internet. Here is same relevant sampling …

The most dangerous game in the world is roulette. In theory, you can win. In practice, you never do. Because you become addicted, and you will go back into the casino and gamble every penny you might have obtained as profit.

Opposite to the city casino, there is a hotel where hundreds of people killed themselves after having lost their fortunes across the street.

Gambling is pure adrenaline, but the wheel of the roulette has something hypnotic. If you still want to try it, at least do not look at it.

Of course, you can start pleading hundreds of theories, examples or advice of what is safe and what is not. Some radicals would also say casinos are nothing but institutions for money laundering. I try to be a logical person; therefore I know one thing for sure: the only explanation or justification for the casinos to exist is to make a profit. Obviously, for their owners.

So, the fundamental truth is the following (the words do not belong to me, but at least I have the decency to admit that):

The safest way to win the roulette is NEVER GAMBLE.

Even if, maybe once, you made some money and you left the casino, full of confidence and determined not to come back again. Trust me, it is not going to happen. Because your brain does not work that way. You will also be confident and determined the very next day, when you visit the casino again, because you are sure you can do it again. And then you could not be more wrong.

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