Rabbits Need To Spend Some Time Indoors

Rabbits are very cute and make great pets to keep in your home. You could leave them loose in your garden or your backyard as well. But it’s important to remember that their housing is also very essential for them to grow healthily. This is why most pet owners buy rabbit hutches and cages for their pets. This keeps them safe and gives them shelter when they need to rest. There a wide variety of these which you could buy online. You could choose from a number of designs and styles. They come equipped with many features to make living there more enjoyable for your pet rabbit. In this article I am to discuss a few basic facts every pet owner should know about housing their pet rabbits.

You should make sure your rabbit is not over exposed to
1. Direct Sunlight
2. Heat
3. Cold
4. Wind or drafts
5. Precipitation
6. Insects
7. Pesticides and other chemicals
8. Noise
9. Wildlife

Remember that bunnies need a lot of exercise. If the wild these animals are prey animals and are naturally built to run. Make sure that you play with your bunny. Make sure that they have ample exercise. They need several hours of exercise daily so make sure that your bunny is not caged in his Rabbit hutch for the whole day. This could lead to a number of health issues. When you buy you rabbit hutch make sure that you place it inside your house. People who place these outside rarely see their pets. You need to remember to interact and spend time with your pets and not just leave them outside like prisoners. Bunnies have plenty of fun indoors as well so make sure that you spend some time with them indoors as well. Rabbits may have a lot of fur but do feel cold so make sure you bring them inside when it is too cold or too hot.

If you keep your hutch outdoors could shorten the life span of your bunny substantially. This is because they are exposed to climate extremities as well as the elements. Predators that pass by your rabbit hutch may even try to attack the bunnies inside. Make sure your pets are not forgotten and give them some love from time to time. This is why I feel you should place their cages inside the house. They can play outside for as long as they want but sleep inside. Make sure you feed you bunny as I have come across many stories of bunnies dying due to lack of food and water. Try and get them some toys which would help fend of boredom. This would keep them active both physically and mentally. The life expectancy of rabbits who are kept outdoors is usually only 1 – 2 years where as bunnies kept in indoor hutches live up to 8 – 10 years, not to mention they are much happier.
So the next time you are thinking of bringing a bunny home make sure you keep this article in mind. Buy the best possible rabbit hutch for your pet but make sure you keep it indoors.

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