How To Identify An Overheated Rabbit

The worst enemy of a rabbit is heat especially during the summer months when the heat can be too much for them to handle. If possible, place the rabbit cage in a cool and airy place like under trees or in a shady area where the breeze is cool and fresh.

You can even take the cage to an air conditioned room or let an electric fan blow on it. If your rabbit is still not relieved by this, then it is time to take him to the veterinarian for proper care. Here are several signs that you need to watch out for to determine if your rabbit is overheated.

The most reliable way to determine if your rabbit is overheated is to take his temperature. You can ask your veterinarian to teach you how to take your rabbit’s temperature. It is fairly easy to take though, just let the rabbit lie on his back with another person holding him, you can insert the thermometer approximately one inch into the rabbit’s rectum.

For a glass thermometer, you need to leave it in for a minute and for a digital thermometer, you can take it out in lesser time, it is also safer and easier to use. If the rectal temperature of your rabbit is more than the normal 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is very hot.

You can also identify if your rabbit is overheated by observing him. If his breathing becomes heavy and he is warm to the touch then he must be feeling very hot. If he tilts his head very far out then he is having difficulty breathing because of the heat. It is about time that you take your rabbit to the veterinarian for proper care and medication.

Before going on your way you can give your rabbit emergency care to alleviate his situation. You can spray him with a small amount of water making sure that you don’t drench him and you need to spray away from the face and ears. You can also dab a cool cloth on the rabbit’s ears to help cool him down.

If your rabbit is seriously overheated, you can give him a bath with cool water. Be very careful in handling your rabbit and do not immerse him into the water. Always bear in mind that your rabbit can die because of overheating and that you must seek immediate medical care for him the moment he shows signs of overheating.

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