Secrets To Parrot Care

Parrots come in many different varieties of colors, which makes them so popular. These birds are very intelligent in many ways, which also attracts people to them. Parrots are great pets because there are so many beautiful aspects about each of these birds. Parrot care is extremely important when trying to have a healthy, happy bird.

To care for a parrot, you will need to find out the species you are dealing with. They all have fairly similar diets, and all need fruits and vegetables. Parrot pellets and parrot seed mix make up most of their diet. If you want your parrot to live as long as possible, you will need to be on top of its nutrition. Along with fresh food, they will also need plenty of clean water. This water supply should always be replenished and changed for maximum freshness.

Parrots also will only thrive if they live in a clean environment. Many birds are looked at as “dirty” pets, but parrots differ in that they like living in a clean area. When cleaning the parrot’ cage, it should never be bleached. The reason for this is because the ammonia in bleach may cause irritation to the parrot. However, it may need mild soap and water in order to make it squeaky clean. You also want to make sure there is nothing sharp or rusted in the cage, so that the bird does not accidentally injure itself.

When handling your parrot, it is very important that you have clean hands. Before touching it, you should always wash your hands so that germs and other unnatural things to not get on the bird. Never hold the parrot close to your face, for some research proves that human saliva can cause damage to the animal.

When finding a cage for your bird, make sure the area is large enough that it can spread its wings all the way out. It is vital that the parrot has room to be comfortable in order to thrive. Also, there should be enough room in the cage for the parrot to enjoy safe toys.

If you want your parrot to live for up to 60 years, then you need to take extremely good care of the animals. If you are looking to take care of a parrot for the first time, you must consider the fact that it is a massive commitment that takes up a lot of time in your life. Your parrot should be treated as a member of your family and should be around all the people in your family whenever possible. If you want your pet to live long, it will need to have plenty of social time with members of your family, as well as other people as often as possible.

Now that we have discussed the time of environment you need to provide for the newest member of your family, we need to talk about the condition you should keep the bird in. Its nails and beak need clipping at least once a month. These parts continuously grow, so they need to be freshly cut. If they are unkempt, the bird may catch itself on objects in the cage. If you do not want your parrot to be able to fly away, you will need to have its wings clipped. When parrots thrive in the wild, they like to take baths daily. Therefore, in this new environment you will need to take it into your own hands and bathe your bird with fresh, clean water every day.

I hope that you have learned many new techniques here on how to have the longest living parrot possible. There are many aspects that need to be taken into account, but it will all be worth it when you have a vibrant bird in your household. Remember that this is not only a pet, but a new addition to your family, so treat it as you would a new child in the family. Proper care for these animals will leave you with a happy ending.

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