Sytropin Growth Hormone

Professional sports is big business and the pressure to be fit and active is there. The list of banned substances grows and a possible alternative is to use natural supplements like Sytropin Growth Hormone which is an over the counter supplement and oral spray.

Professional Sports is big money. Just like in the movie “Gladiator” most of us are spectators who are thrilled and excited to watch conflict and competition rooting for our favourites to win and generally heralding a good game. We live vicariously through these players and athletes, whether they are tennis players, boxers, basketball guards, or American football quarterbacks. We join them in getting that rush of competition. For these players, keeping fit has always been the key factor to their longevity and as a player ages, getting fitter or recovering from muscle fatigue takes more time. For a time, the use of anabolic steroids were being used by athletes to enhance their performances till it was found out to be “unsportsmanlike” and also had long term side effects. And in the last twenty or so years, the list of banned substances have grown, including Growth Hormones. There is a level of Growth Hormones in an athlete’s system that is acceptable, a little bit over the normal range since their bodies are trained and induced to produce more hormones than regular people. There are natural supplements like Sytropin Growth Hormone that may enhance the production of HGH to make its levels optimal which is acceptable since Sytropin is an over the counter supplement but direct ingestion of a Growth Hormone on the banned list can be easily detect and may prove to be career threatening to the athlete if tested positive.

The pressure for athletes to perform better and consistently is not just of their own making. Professional sports is all about who is watching and how much are people paying to watch. This can be a lucrative business like the pay per view scheme or it can be generously supported by advertisers and big companies who want to be affiliated with the athlete or the team. Thus the vicious cycle happens as such groups want to get maximum mileage for the amount of money they are paying. Sports agents may also contribute to this pressure as they rely on commissions from earnings of their stars. And if you think about it, most sports athlete’s careers are relatively short averaging around 8 to 10 years and within that duration, they should be able to save enough to retire from the sport and have money to live on if not investments which can help them on their post career. We do not even include the years leading to them turning professionals which may be at least ten years of hardwork, dedication, and selflessness in the pursuit of being the best in their sport.

Is it to no surprise that some atheletes are being tested positive for banned substances that will enhance performance? The temptations are great. There are alternatives such as Sytropin, which is a supplement to the HGH. The second alternative is to prepare for such a time and know how your body works. The discipline to this is not hard to do for professional athletes since they have been disciplined by training for many years.