The causes for male and female infertility

This is a very difficult place to be and the reasons for infertility can be varied and often it is just not one isolated problem but several different factors. In fact the question itself can be part of the problem. They more you try to obtain pregnancy naturally and do not success the more stress and frustration you can experience which can also be a reason for infertility.

The cycle of trying and failing to become pregnant creates a lot of stress, tension and frustration for both partners. It is a problem that deserves attention and treatment. Often time the treatments are expensive and associated with high risk. Looking at natural treatments to increase fertility can be beneficial.

Infertility is a shared problem with both males and female. The male factor contributes to about one-third of the cases and the female factor represents one-third of the cases and the remaining third is a combination of both male and female for 13% and unknown for 10%.

The causes for male infertility includes

• No production of sperm cells
• Little production of sperm cells
• Malformation of sperm cells
• Death of sperm cell before reaching the egg
• Genetic disease including cystic fibrosis

The causes for female infertility includes

• Disorders of ovulation
• Blocked Fallopian tubes
• Endometriosis
• Ovarian disease or syndrome

How to get pregnant naturally

One method for pregnancy naturally is by use of herbal remedies. Natural herbs taken for conception can greatly improve your chances of conceive. This centuries old method has been utilized with success in increasing fertility. Specifically the following herbs are very useful:

• Red Clover
• Raspberry
• False unicorn root
• Lady’s mantle
• Stinging nettle