TVS Motors experience a sales growth of 48 per cent

TVS Motorcycles, the most famous auto maker of India with its all new and most enhanced products is excelling in the market accounting a sales growth of 48 percent as compared to that of last year sales. The company sold around 195,271 units in a year and has been experiencing inflated profits. The company as known is a top class producer of scooters, motorbikes and three-wheelers. TVS is the most liked brand of the Indian customers that takes care of their requirements and keeps them updated with new and latest technology.

The brand lovers has been the basic reason behind the company’s tremendous growth with the two and three wheelers in India. Also the after sale services provided by the enterprise proves to be the driving force for the increasing demands of its products and to account a sales growth of 48 % in October 2010. TVS sold a total of 195.271 units in October 2010 against 131,941 units being sold in the previous year. Therefore, accounting a cumulative sale of 1,184,065 units for the financial period April to October 2010 as per the latest news received.

Talking particularly for the two-wheelers of the company, it sold 191,822 units in 2010 with a growth rate of 46% being 131,029 units sold in previous financial year. The domestic sales showed an increment of 45% from 118,563 units sold in 2009 to 173,771 units in 2010. With this the company accounts cumulative sales of its two-wheelers to be 1,162,861 units in the year 2010 with a growth rate of 34%.

Sales of scooters for the company accounts a growth of 58 %, and that for its dynamic motor bikes measures a growth in its sales of 49 %. The TVS acknowledged its Domestic Sales to rise upto 47% with its exports of 45% for the current fiscal year. The company’s motive is not just to grow with the sales but also to provide its users with quality and environment friendly products.

Coming to the three-wheelers of TVS, the company again showed a magnanimous increment to the sales of its products with 912 units sold in 2009 and 3449 units sold in the present year. The cumulative growth of three-wheeler sales accounts to 232%.

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