Using Satellite TV to Master a Foreign Language

Everyone will attest to the fact that learning a foreign language is a very difficult and tiresome endeavor. Most of us had to study a foreign language in High School or college but very few of us actually were able to become conversational, let alone master the language. Sitting in a classroom is a very static learning environment and requires a lot of work on the students part in terms of absorbing and practicing the language. A great way, however, to learn a language is to watch TV in foreign languages. With so many channels to choose from on satellite TV it is easy to come across a foreign program in the language you choose to learn.

Whether for business or pleasure, knowing a second language is a great asset to have. Besides for just learning the grammar and syntax of a foreign language, inherent in the language is the culture as well. For instance, Spanish employs three different ways of describing events that occurred in the past whereas in English we just use the one. Right there, is a marked difference in the way the two cultures perceive the passage of time. Watching a children’s show in High Definition is a fun and great way to learn a language because the program is tailored towards children and therefore is centered on teaching basic concepts. Search for a cartoon or the equivalent of the Disney channel in a foreign language and very often popular shows such as the Simpsons or Friends, are dubbed into foreign languages.

Another great program to tune into is a cooking show in a foreign language because by virtue of being based in instruction, the presenters speak slowly and annunciate their words. They also demonstrate everything and point to ingredients as they add them to their recipe so you learn foods and phrases very quickly. Watching a high definition cooking show is mouth-watering in any language and is definitely worth sitting through, even if you don’t understand every word.

Satellite TV offers a broad range of channels in languages that vary from Chinese to Spanish and watching TV definitely beats sitting in a classroom listening to a professor. Whether you are looking to pick up a language or simply reinforce what you already know, watching foreign programs is a great way to hone your language skills. The great thing about watching programs is that you learn idioms and phrases, you hear the way people really speak and employ the language rather than the textbook version of the language. It is equally important to have a good grasp of the way the language is spoken on a daily basis as it is to know the rules of grammar. So tune into your favorite program in a foreign language and have fun while learning!