Teach Students English in Different Ways

If you are an English teacher, you need to notice some things while you try to spread your knowledge to your students.

The first thing you need to learn is responsibility. What is responsibility? This question appears naive, but meaningful if you think hard. When you teach your students, the first thing climbs up to your brain should be how to get your students understand you well. But presently there are so many teachers who teach for nothing but money. Yes, we need money and we earn it by teaching. But don’t put it on the first stage. Your responsibility is to use proper ways to care about your students’ learning progress and benefits.

The second idea you need to bear in mind is that you need to teach your students how to think for themselves. This point is rather crucial. You must have noticed that so many students can’t think themselves. They just accept what you have taught them and have no motives to learn themselves. In this way, you need to encourage them to make their own decisions. You don’t need to tell them everything, you need to give them space to run their own ideas in some way.

The third point is that you need to apply curious ways to teach them. For example, you can teach them by giving them flashcards. This way has been adopted by so many schools to their new English learners. At the same time you need to read English by asking your students to follow.

This way is always done by teachers too, but you can alter this way of learning. You can try to read in different pitches of voice for the sake of being curious and funny for your young students.

The fourth opinion is that you need to give your students time to relax. It is not good to give your students full time to learn English. If you did, you would be hated by your students. You can sometimes give them some extra time to enjoy a piece of music which can be English or any other language if you think it is suitable.

At last, you need to be humorous yourself so that your students will love your way of teaching.