Working Out With Great Hair

Working Out With Great Hair

Exercise is great. It gets your heart pumping and your blood running. It can make you stronger, as well as giving you a high. But working out may not be so good for your hair.

Let’s face it. Working out involves exposing your hair to the elements. Grime, heat and sweat can make your hair look dull and uninteresting. But thankfully this is one instance where you can have your cake and eat it too. You can have great looking hair while exercising.

Tip 1: Let Your Hair Free

Many people work out while keeping their hair under a hat. It’s understandable because letting your hair fly free is a bother. But! It locks the sweat and it makes your hair all wet. It also causes friction. This can cause the breakage of your hair. If you want to keep your gathered, use a headband. If you’re worried about the sun, choose to exercises under shady paths or transfer indoors.

Tip 2: Choose Your Style

Your hair has to look good in any condition and that includes working out. Consult your stylist about the perfect style for you. It must be something that will take into account your regimen, in work and in play. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your stylist to see your hair at its worst. They’ll adjust it accordingly. The perfect cut needs no changes for any normal activities.

Tip 3: Put It Up

Straight hair? Choose an accessory to keep it up. Ponytails or hair clips keep strands from falling away. Headbands can easily be used to keep your hair away from your face.

Tip 4: Pin It Up

Curly hair? Whenever the need for a workout strikes, it’s best to pin your hair up. In order to help strengthen the curls, leave your pins in place. Wait until your scalp dries before removing them.

Tip 5: Move Your Hair Around

If you wear a ponytail, move its position around. Don’t wear it in one position all the time. Keeping it in only one place will actually stress your hair. It might even lead to breakage.

Tip 6: Don’t Fight Your Hair

Many people swear to God that hair should be perfect at all times. Or they freak out when they want a style that is contrary to the hair’s natural growth. Hair will be hair. You can’t change it too much. You can guide it into a very pretty style but you can’t force it into submission. Working out and other huge exertions will tend to make your hair fall into its natural patterns. Use that to your advantage.