2 Steps to Perfecting This Season’s Nude Lip

2 Steps to Perfecting This Season’s Nude Lip

Yes, the temps are climbing and that means less is more, and in the case of beauty and fashion, less is more no matter what you do or what you wear. When it comes to beauty, the term nude is not just for the risqué anymore, nude on the face is big, big, big. And just think, when you are going all out with the summer bling, the summer dress, the summer shoes, the summer EVERYTHING, simplifying things on your face will not only make your routine a little bit easier, but nude lips will really polish off your look in a beautiful, elegant manner.

Wearing your lips nude is not only chic, but fashion forward. It will immediately shift attention to your eyes so you can go big on the eyes without feeling like you are going overboard. Not only that, but you can’t help but notice that nude lips has been a trend for many seasons now meaning, perfect it now because this is a look that will be here to stay for some time. How do you do it? Lip liner is going to make all the difference here.

Tools – lip liner in a color only slightly darker than your lips, nude lipstick

Step 1 – Line your lips in a color that is one shade darker than your lips. What you are doing here is creating a distinct boundary between your mouth and the rest of your face so that your nude lips don’t blend in with the rest of your face.

Step 2 – Apply your lipstick, as you normally would. In the spring and summer months you can also get away with lip gloss, and you may want to try out a new personal fave, Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color. This is a color that will stay put even if you don’t. Nude Color 000 from Cover Girl is a color that will look fabulous on every single skin tone. Go for it.

Beauty Tip – Try dusting some translucent powder on your lips before applying lipstick or gloss. This will give your color a little more staying powder, and lessen the chances of any feathering or bleeding.