Changes From the 30 Day Challenge

I completed the Tony Robbins 30 Day challenge a week or so ago, but haven’t finished the blogging part as yet. Still working on it, but I really wanted to report on what has happened since I’ve finished the 30 day challenge – for the first time.

What I realize is that it is not a be-all change your life lickety-split program. It is, however, way more than that – in that it provides a solid training foundation for the rest of one’s life, if you want it to be. Tony gives you a toolbox along with directions on how to use it. Skills like changing your emotions when you want to, anchoring empowered states, taking care of your body, ways to increase your energy, learning how to say “goodbye” to procrastination and self-sabotage all add to the ability to get more out of your life.

The importance of writing goals is also discussed and I have and do and it’s helping. I think what is so interesting is that opportunities are showing up in my world. Several solid business ventures have just appeared since I’ve been doing this. In addition, I feel like I’ve made some solid changes.

In particular,

  • I’ve stopped drinking coffee
  • Started juicing fresh fruits and vegetables every morning
  • I am more productive in my work
  • Made some really great goals for the next year, two years, 5 years, etc.
  • I am getting more sleep and exercise after putting these things off for a very long time.
  • Coincidence? I think not. I had the opportunity to do any or all of those things for years, so what made the difference now?

    I think it had to do with getting in touch with the awake part of myself and getting clear on what might happen if I don’t do those things.

    I also recognize that there are many more habits to change and re-condition in myself. There have been times where I felt depressed, angry, peevish and uncentered. My recovery time was quicker than before, but I noticed that what was really happening was that I was allowing outside circumstances and the subsequent meaning I attached to those events to dictate my negative reaction. I was back in the victim mindset. Yuck!

    Going through this course once was great, but the next time or two could elevate my life to the truly phenomenal. I’m all for that.

    My changes feel good. I’d love to hear from you concerning your own journey and changes. Thanks for stopping by and take good care!

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