What Makes It Number One?

Being number one isn’t always easy. You have to be at your best. Comparing isn’t a must, you must excel and not just compare. Just like in real life, you may be the most beautiful lady in Hollywood, but still your boo still decided to be with a woman a lot uglier than you. So, what you must do is maintain your beauty and even excel more! Relating it with scrubs, Cherokee scrubs is already known to be the number one scrub collection all over the world but it never stops aiming for the best.

When we speak of being number one, there must be an ambition first. Aiming to be someone or dreaming to attain a certain point of success. It may include a picture of what you would like to become few years from now. Once you already have that dream, which seems to be conceivable, the next thing that you have to do is believe in yourself. You have to be confident that you too can make a difference. Life does not impose something at first glance, it merely gives us time to prove our worth. Just like in Cherokee scrubs, it has proven itself for quite some time that it has the ability to be on top.

The next thing that you have to do is do something in order to achieve that dream that you have in mind. A dream remains a dream if it will not be acted upon, but it becomes reality if backed with commitment and perseverance. Basically, what we need is faith strong enough to push you on the place that you desire. Acting with pride as well as passion is what you need. You must have that enthusiasm to achieve what you want, and it must not be coming from others but from the inner you. Belief also is something that you have in mind, making yourself tough enough to become someone. You just look at Cherokee scrubs. It now holds several collections of scrubs of various styles and colors. It has for its most famous design the printed ones. People like it because of its refreshing appearance to the eyes.

And lastly is that you, as a winner, must have that winning attitude coupled with a winsome smile. You know why? It is because in life there are curves and downs. You must not let all of those ruin your straight path. What you must have is an attitude like, “whatever it may be, I’ll be much better than ever.” If you have this attitude, you will surely have that success behind you.

It is also inevitable that there are setbacks that you may get. That may include negative comments and criticisms designed to destruct you. But, the attitude of a winner is not to treat it as a destruction but rather to treat it as a constructive criticism. So, be number one… be like Cherokee scrubs.