Taking Out the Negatives

Life deals out like a two way stream both negatives and positives not more out of being unfair but rather as a normal way of operation; it would now be left in the hands of the handler to develop aptitude and necessary means of dealing with them. Negative things have a way of bugging us and making us concentrate on them, that is why it is quite pertinent to intentionally create a conscious effort to tackle them. Effectively this means that we have to find a way of looking beyond the negatives while learning to play up the positives in our lives. often times there are quite many positive things in our lives and everywhere around us but we tend to take them for granted thinking that after all everyone wants everything to be all right, so if they are that way, then why bother your head thinking about them or even acknowledging them, but rather ironically when one thing goes wrong, we want to tear down the whole house just to put it right just because it is bothering us.

Learning to deal with life issues in a systematic but pragmatic way soon makes you a veteran, and it just sounds like things never bother you any more or so it seems to many around you. The interesting thing they do not know is that you are bothered but you just never let it show, because you are fast learning the art of being on top of issues rather than letting issues get the better of you. Issues are better dealt with when your head is calm and you are exhibiting your normal mien. you tend to think better and to work up a solution faster, even when you were as good as hapless when the issue first set in; but because you have developed this thick skin virtually becoming a program of handling these problems, your body can switch into auto mode acting out the already programmed instructions for such settings. This means that, even if you have to tell yourself “stay calm in the face of trouble” fifty times before it sinks in, so be it so far it does sink in and it is rightly applied when such situations finally result.

Imagine in your heart, a man who has programmed in his brain, that the next time you hear a gunshot, the first thing you do is go down flat, and then survey quickly but carefully where the source is and a likely but sensible modes of escape. it may sound absurd and unreal, but the truth is as much as these things take place in a matter of seconds in real time, that is while the experience is going on; it has been found out that just the same way you plan and prepare for the rainy day, the body is better off with an already prepared plan of action so that even when the norm is confusion setting in, it could as well switch into auto pilot and effectively get itself out of trouble before there is more time to think about the situation, or evaluate critically enough to fashion a way forward. All of these sweetly summarized mean that there is a way to deal with the next negative issue in your life and come out on top.

There is a common saying about counting your blessings, and the moral behind the now popular saying is; acknowledge the very many good things around you, and soon enough the few negative stuffs would get drowned in the sea of positives and in no time the solution shows up.it would throw up another pointer in developing a positive mental attitude, as it often serves to weed out negativity and foster an environment fitting enough to deal with the negative issues. This is very necessary because we get to notice in our every day affairs that what you concentrate on too much often has a potential to be magnified beyond reality soon enough blossoming into a virtual giant of an issue, but it would take putting such issues in real perspective to solve them. That is why it is only fitting enough to reiterate the necessity of a positive mental attitude, as it saves the man in the middle the energy of having to blow up a matter beyond necessary before finally succumbing to his intuition or advice of setting matters in right perspective in order to come up with a solution; creating more time for other issues in the process and increasing overall efficiency of dealing with issues ending up with total and effective solutions in the eventually.

Conclusively, it is to our overall benefit if we develop ways of tackling negatives as life would turn out better and in retrospect would be filled with less regret in the long run, all because we chose to play up the positives and deal effectively with the negatives.

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