Custom Stackable Library Furniture

Moving can be a real pain. Especially if you are moving often. Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you moved you didn’t have to reorganize your home library. Well now you don’t have to! No more emptying your shelves into cardboard boxes and then unloading them again into the bookcase at your new home or office. Corey’s Custom Stackable Shelving System allows for quick and easy library transportation without sacrificing looks.

Some on-the-goers choose to use plywood and cinderblocks to arrange their books because the constant moving of their bookcases made them grow weak and fall apart. Some use milk crates, because they are easy to pick up, are stackable and there is little need to rearrange when settling in. These ideas are crafty and will do the job, sort of, but they are ugly and lack the warm feeling of home furniture. Corey’s innovative shelving system is not only practical but is also a beautiful furniture piece. Stained or painted to match your existing furniture or at home decor, this library system will truly compliment the rest of your house or office. This Shelving System can even be modified to form pyramid, triangle, rectangle, square or even cubed arrangements.

Each box is uniquely designed to perfectly fit 6 2 ¼” binders side by side. It comes with three shelving options to accommodated the most common sized books. When the shelf is in the middle, CD’s fit with ease. And when the top shelf is in place to suit the larger books below, a stack of computer paper fits nicely on top. Most shelving systems come with pegs and a variety of different wholes that allow you to adjust the height of the shelf. Corey’s Shelves are built with routed out slots which hold the shelf much more securely, keeping your books in place during transport.

Matching dollies are available for easy mobility within your house or for easier transport to your car. The dollies add a nice accent at the bottom of the unit and sit flush with all four sides. These stackable cubes are built strong and will faithful move your books to all your destinations. Each cube is easily picked up with two handles which are beveled for comfort and aesthetics.

These shelves were built to the dimensions they are to accommodate common needs, however they can be modified to better fit your personal needs. More shelves can be added and the Boxes can be made shallower or wider to better accommodated children’s books, Encyclopedias, or whatever specifications you wish.

Whatever your needs we will make it happen!

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