Get Rid Of Ultra Defragger Malware – Remove This Malware From Your Computer Fast

There is no doubt that in order to keep your computer running smoothly you need to run occasional maintenance on it. One of these forms of maintenance is known as a defragmentation. It allows you to organize all of the files on your hard drive so that every file associated with a program is side by side on the hard drive, not scattered around here and there making it more difficult to locate. But not all defragmentation programs are the same. Some of them are actually malware made to look and act like a defragmentation program. Ultra Defragger is one of these types of programs and once you get this on your computer you need to get rid of ultra defragger fast.

Here are a few of the signs and symptoms of this malware infection on your computer.

To first get onto your computer and gain access this malware will inform you that there are critical errors on your hard drive and they can be fixed by installing ultra defragger. But once on your computer you are going to start seeing an increasing number of problems including:

#1 Every time you try to run a program, that program will be blocked and you will be given several different error messages. You will then be given the option for this malware to scan your computer. Once it scans your system it will inform you the only way for it to fix the issues are to purchase an active copy of the software. eventually the program will run properly if you keep attempting to access it, but then you will receive continuous error messages telling you the file you have accessed is corrupted and the only real solution is to get rid of ultra defragger quickly.

#2 If you do try to use the defragmentation option in the program, you will be prompted to run in safe mode and then will pretend to put your computer in safe mode while in fact it does nothing.

#3 The contents of folders will be mixed up, sometimes when you go to open a folder there will be nothing shown in it. Other times the wrong files will be shown in that folder. This is done to make the illusion of a corrupted hard drive.

Ultra Defragger is an annoying and dangerous piece of malware that can easily convince people to purchase a copy of the software if they are unaware that this type of activity is actually caused by a malware. In order to prevent this from ever happening or even cleaning up a current infection you need to follow a few steps.

#1 Download and run a system and registry scanner. This will scan your windows registry and the rest of your computer for malware, stopping it completely. On of the biggest problems with malware is that corrupts other files, allows more malware onto your computer and slows your computer right down and when it installs it generates different file names so you can never find it manually.

Running a system scanner will solve all these problems for you in minutes and make sure your computers runs safer and faster.

#2 Once you have downloaded the scanner run a complete system scan. This will get rid of ultra defragger for you in minutes and make your computer safer and faster.

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