Slow Computer Fix

No matter who you are, if you own a computer then you have likely experienced the aggravation of having your computer slowly lose stability and speed over time until you reach the point where you’re just sitting there, looking at the screen simply waiting for it to boot up let alone run any programs you wanted. One of the biggest signs that there is something wrong with your computer is simply by the way and how long it takes to boot up and you will need a slow computer fix for this.

During boot up, a computer, even fresh out of the box has a large number of programs that it needs to start up. Some of these programs are things that you are fully aware of such as antivirus software or instant messengers you use to talk to your friends. To get a full grasp of all the programs that come up with your computer you actually have to look at the task manager. Even then, there are listings in there that are generic and cover 3 or 4 smaller programs and are generally used by your operating system. All this can seem confusing.

This is why one of the best ways for you to speed up a slow computer is to remove programs you no longer use and as long as you know what you’re turning off, actually turn off programs that run in your start up. Doing this means that there are less programs fighting for available system resources all at the same time making it easier for your computer to start up faster and run faster and doing this will give you a slow computer fix.

The registry plays a very important role in your computer as well, especially during boot up. As all of those programs are trying to come up at the same time the registry is constantly being used as the computer tries to locate bits of information for every one of them. If there happens to be any errors, then this is going to cause an extreme slowdown because your PC has to physically search for the files it needs, while booting up at the same time. That’s a lot for the computer to deal with. If the registry errors get bad enough it can cause your computer to crash during boot up leaving you with nothing but blue screen errors and questions and looking for a slow computer fix.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your PC is to use a system and registry scanner to fix all these errors. This will reduce the load on your computer not only during boot up, but any time you use it restoring lost speed and dependability back to the days when it first got taken out of the box.

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