Remove Smart Virus Eliminator

Not every security software designed for your home or laptop computer is designed the same way. Some of them are quite a bit more effective than others at finding possible malicious files on your PC and cleaning up the infection properly Some of these programs are even malware in disguise, acting like security software offering you the ability to protect yourself from infection when in reality the program is an infection itself with a secondary motive behind its actions. In most cases what they want you to do is spend money on their “dummy” software and then run with your money while at the same time making your computer even more vulnerable than before to other malware infecting your system. One good example of this deception is the program smart virus eliminator.

This works on several different level in its attempt to deceive you and hopes to take advantage of your average computer users lack of knowledge about their computers inner workings to scare them into activating their copy of the software with a hefty price tag attached and if you see this on your computer you need to remove smart virus eliminator quickly.

One of the most common methods used by this malware and other programs like this are the falsified scan results. Under normal circumstances the scan results of a security software is usually just there to let you know that your PC is clean and secure. But in this case when you see the results you will be shown a large list of current infections. Every one of these entries is faked though the use of small, harmless dummy files placed randomly on your computer meant to be picked up on during one of these scans.

Another technique used by smart virus eliminator is to start sending messages to you randomly informing you that there are different types of current security issues present on your computer. They come in all with all different messages, but the only thing they share is a reminder to purchase and activate your copy of this malware because it is the only option available that can easily handle the situation and make sure your PC is totally clean and secure.

To prevent this happening to you there a few easy steps you need to take to remove this malware. You can totally avoid all of these issues just by downloading a system and registry scanner to get rid of this malware for you for good. This works by scanning all of your computer and your registry for any running malware and then stopping it. Once this is done all the damage it has caused is repaired and your computer optimized to run faster.

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