The Steps in PDF Formatting

With advancement of technology there was a great need to be able to come up with a suitable format in which documents can easily be shared among different people without any of them being altered. PDF became the easiest method to store files that can enable readability of documents without necessarily any of the files being altered.

Portable Document Format enables you to create files that you can be able to lock them to prevent either unnecessary printing or editing or both depending on the preference of the author of the document.

When you want to make a document in this format it is not a hard task. You first begin by opening the word first that you want to save in the PDF format.

To do this you can double click on the icon representing that file then the word file is going to be opened.

Then after it has opened you can click the option “save as” depending on the version of the word software that you are using you will get a menu that is giving you the option to select the format that you want to save, you can directly save as PDF or go to the save as box.

If a drop down menu pops out when you select file name then move to where it is written PDF and select it.

It you want to save the file using a new name then go to where you want to save the file, save the file and rename it. You also have a choice of making the file to open immediately you click publish, or if you do not want you can leave it.

If you decide that you want to open when you click publish this will give you the opportunity for deciding if you want the document to be for online publishing and printing or just for online publishing. for online publishing and printing create a standard file, but for online publishing create a minimum size file. When you click on publish it will open or may not open depending on how you have set it.

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