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Can I Have Hypoglycemia Without Diabetes?

A question I was asked recently is can I have hypoglycemia without diabetes? It’s an interesting question and the answer is yes. But more importantly is why. As diabetes continues to become more and more of a problem in our modern world, it’s very important to catch the early warning signals. But before we continue, let’s first make sure we have our terms straight. Hypoglycemia is a state of low blood sugar, generally from an overproduction of insulin, or else a poor diet. Hyperglycemia is a state of high blood sugar, generally due to a lack of insulin. Diabetes, on the other hand, is a persistent medical ailment of the body’s underproduction or lack of insulin, or of a cell’s inability to correctly process the insulin. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are terms that are usually associated with diabetes because they all three have to do with blood sugar. The difference between the three is that diabetes is a persistent medical condition, whereas hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia may come and go.

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Love Your Feet And They Will Serve You Well

If you feel any pain while walking or running, do not ignore it. This could turn into a heavy and cantankerous problem in no time. Make an appointment with a reputed bunion or plantar wart clinic and check it out immediately. Very often an early visit to the doctor would spare you of heavy expenses and a long recovery time.

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Avoid Snoring

Are you still snoring? If you keep waking up in the middle of the night to the sight of your spouse attempting to smother you with a pillow, chances are that yes, you are still snoring. Or you need to see a marriage counselor, but that’s not the point. And if you’re still snoring the only question left to ask you is, why? Why haven’t you fixed this habit yet?

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How Neuro linguistic programming Could Help You

Chances are that several of those who initially come across NLP wonder what it’s all about, even if it appears within the context of influencing human conduct via the adoption and practice of certain established techniques and procedures. Actually, NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming, where ‘neuro’ is something related to both mind and physique, ‘linguistic’ is about language patterns or structures and ‘programming’ is devising methods and means of coordinating mind, physique and language for shaping behavior so as to achieve much better results than before in various walks of life. In a sense, NLP can help you in several ways, if only you get to know its techniques and how to use them for your benefit.

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8 Tips to Boost Your Mood and Motivation

To change your moods and motivation, first you need to figure out what situations and choices you are making cause you to feel irritated, lonely, and even angry. This will take some introspection and honesty with yourself. When you are ready to move forward and start training your emotions, willpower, and motivation so you can succeed at your goals.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Dry cracked and peeling skin on your feet and heals is often because of two main causative factors. A daily examination and foot care routine therefore is a basic “must do” to prevent the build-up of complications which can easily lead to major problems for any diabetic. Why Do My Feet And Heels Become So Dry There is two main reasons how most feet problems begin for a diabetic in the early stages.

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MSM and Osteoarthritis

Over twenty million people in the United States suffer from a condition known as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis. Such a condition is quite painful. One common area of the body that can suffer from degenerative arthritis is in the area of the knee or hip. One of the symptoms of osteoarthritis is pain and swelling around the joints. Osteoarthritis is one of a hundred different types of arthritis, but it is one of the most serious ones.

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Chiropractic For Treating Headaches

An aspirin is something we often turn to during a headache, but an aspirin merely works to mask the pain. The pain does not go away; it is still there. While an aspirin may be an effective way for some to treat headaches, for other popping pills just doesn’t cut it… so they turn to chiropractic. But does chiropractic work for treating headaches?

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Choosing the Right Varicose Vein Doctor

Varicose veins affect a huge part of the population today. Unlike the past, new technology and procedures have revolutionized the treatment of varicose veins and other venous disorders that is the most beneficial to the patient. Treatment no longer requires hospitalization or general anesthesia or down time for the patient. There are many doctors from many different specialties performing these highly technical treatments. The problem is that not all of these doctors are qualified enough to provide the patient with optimal outcomes. How do patients choose a highly qualified vein doctor? They ask certain questions and perform a little research before agreeing to become a patient. Here we will discuss what questions to ask and where to find the information needed to make a sound decision.

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An Analysis of Brain Injuries

Thousands of people suffer brain injuries every year in the country. These injuries result when there is a great impact on the head and the tissues in the brain get ruptured or swollen. There are many reasons of brain injuries, but the top three reasons include automobile accidents, firearms and falls or slips. Injuries to the head that are the result of firearms are mostly fatal and 90% of the victims die. The remaining 10% are also debilitated for life.

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Healthy Alternatives

On Friday and Saturday my husband and I set up a booth at a vendor’s year round market to introduce a natural health herb to people passing by. It is ironic that we are the very first booth before entering the double doors into the main market area and right beside us through a set of doors, is a major drug store. We are appalled at the number of sick looking people who pass by our booth and do not even look in our direction. Many of them have very sad and dejected looks on their faces and we know they are dealing with major health issues. They come out of the drug store loaded down with prescription drugs, hoping upon hope, that this is the answer to getting them feeling better so they can get their lives back to normal.

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Ways to Prevent Toe Nail Fungus

10 Critical Toe Nail Fungus Prevention Methods

  • 1. You must keep your feet clean and dry- It’s very important that you keep your feet as dry and as clean as you can. Toe nail fungus thrives in moist dark environments. Bathe and dry your feet thoroughly every time you shower, especially between your toes.
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    10 Ways to Prevent Toe Nail Fungus

    1. You must keep your feet clean and dry- It’s very important that you keep your feet as dry and as clean as you can. Toe nail fungus thrives in moist dark environments. Bathe and dry your feet thoroughly every time you shower, especially between your toes.

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    Eyeglass Frames for Different Face Shapes

    It used to be that eyeglasses were prescribed to correct visual impairments. But not anymore – nowadays eyeglasses can be purchased as a fashion accessory, which explains the sudden surge in stylish designed glasses available in the commercial market.

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    Most Common Toenail Fungus Cures

    Having fungal infection is the most common problem we can get with regarding our nails. This can happen in both fingernails and toenails although it is very frequent to occur in the toenails. This actually happens when to areas where in there is less exposure to light. The feet which is being inside the shoes almost the whole day is more prone to having this fungal disease. Another thing that adds up to the fungal build ups is the sweat from the pores. While the feet are inside the shoes, they are continuously sweating. Once they are left in that condition for long hours, the fungi will reside inside.
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    There are several ways for us to cure these fungal problems. People use the most common toenail fungus cures for their infections. These are the effective ones among the many procedures for the treatment.

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    Dealing With Low Vision

    Low vision refers to the significant impairment of vision that is not corrected with the usual lens correction devices. It may also refer to the significant loss of the peripheral vision. Although the condition is distributed among different age brackets, the majority of those who suffer from low vision are 50 years and older.

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    Testosterone is Responsible For a Lack of Trust

    Now what, you may be asking yourself, has trust to do with testosterone? Thought of as the quintessentially male hormone it is nevertheless present in the female body and there is a peak in production just before ovulation. Testosterone is known from other studies to enhance a woman’s libido, and so it is logical that a woman should be most interested in sex when she is likeliest to conceive. Apart from that traditional role, it also, appears to have some effect on how much or how little we trust of the people. Researchers at Utrecht University in Holland have been investigating how our hormones influence how likely we are — or not — to trust other people.

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    Easy Steps To Stop Smoking

    STEP 1

    First and foremost, you have to be focused and motivated to stop smoking. You must have a burning desire to be free from nicotine, it is a devil, and she’s hard to give up at the best of times. You must combine the inner desire that contains determination, dedication, self control and self commitment with the education strategies and techniques you can learn from web-sites, e-books, articles, therapists and audio and video programs. In the end however, it is going to come down to your willingness to stop and how badly you want to create a smoke free life for yourself and your family.

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    Information About Reading Prescription Glasses

    Reading glasses are prescription eyeglasses that are used for reading purposes. The lens of the reading glass can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, plastic, polycarbonate, high index, allyl resin plastic, aspheric. Glass spectacles have a good resistance against scratches. It is suitable to be used as reading glasses. It is cheaper than plastic eyeglasses. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and can be easily shatter.

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    Adult Acne – Acne and Vitamin A

    Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for our bodies. Our eyes need it; our immune system needs it; our skin and bones need it. The problem is, because the body does not make it, its supply relies on outside sources. One of the most common sources is a Vitamin A supplement. Acne sufferers often turn to these supplements in an effort to treat their acne. After all, our skin does need Vitamin A to stay healthy, so it makes sense to supply it with extra nutrients. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the body is getting the right amount and from the right sources. There are dangers in taking too much Vitamin A over a long period. A much better option is to make sure our diet includes foods rich in this essential vitamin.

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