Homeopathy – The Best Way to Treat Asthma

Homeopathy is developing into a mainstream mode of therapy, thanks to its potent drugs and medicines acting deeply upon individual to bring positive results for wide variety of ailments. Asthma is one of major domains of homeopathic prescribing. When a homeopath gets a patient of asthma, his or her major aim mostly is to wean the patient off the drugs that he is on to avoid long term side effects. Yes, it is a known fact among conventionalists too that certain conventional asthma medications like steroid inhalers put the patient at great risk of developing some long term complications.

Homeopathy is mild yet potent!

However, homeopathy is quite the milder form of therapy that can put the patient at ease and avoid the future asthma attacks by giving him preventive medicines to avoid recurrences too. It is a terrible site if you have seen an asthma patient whining with restlessness and breathlessness. The cough is unbearable and his anxiety is horrific. One wonders if homeopathic medicines are capable of giving the patient lasting relief as well as acute relief.

But the answer to this question is a big yes! Even in acute attacks of asthma, when correctly chosen, homeopathic medicines can impart immediate relief for the sufferer. Exact matching of symptoms of the patient and that of the drugs is what’s needed. The homeopath that succeeds doing this matching correctly, along with correlating the clinical vital parameters, is able to treat asthma well.

Checking the vital parameters of asthma patient is must!

It is absolutely must during acute attacks that the doctor keeps track of vital parameters of the patient including heart rate and respiratory rate. That’s why it is stressed that to treat asthma only an expert homeopath that is trained clinically too is required. It is surely advised to patients to avoid going to self-made homeopaths who vow curing many such cases. The problem is that they are not well-versed clinically. And if they say, clinical knowledge is not needed to treat with homeopathy, they are lying. Homeopathy is also a science that revolves around vital force of the patient. And the measurement of vital force of the patient during acute illnesses or even chronic ones can be judged with the help of certain clinical examinations and investigations. Therefore, if the doctor needs to treat efficiently, he must be aware of the loopholes of any asthma case that may develop into sudden complications.

No alternative to constitutional homeopathy!

However, a homeopath who is able to judge these things correctly and match the drug symptoms with disease symptoms should manage any asthma case well. One more thing to be noted here is that there is no alternative to constitutional prescribing when it comes to homeopathy. When a homeopathic medicine is zeroed on considering the physical and mental characteristic symptoms, one usually cannot go wrong in treating asthma.

One also needs to tell auxiliary treatment to the patients suffering from asthma. As we always say, the complete asthma regime involves apt prescription, auxiliary treatment options, preventive line of therapy, and counseling if required any. Surely this puts the patient on the way of permanent cure from the nasty asthma! What more do we desire?