How to Choose the Right Scent

We have the natural scent which takes crucial role in choosing the perfume for us because it combines together with the perfume and it makes a new scent for us. Therefore, choosing the right scent or right perfume is very personal and depends on our own personalities.

Generally, here are some simple tips when we are choosing the right perfume for us.

Don’t wear any perfume when we shopping for new one.

Do not choose or try perfume after having spicy meal because it can effect our body chemistry as well as our scents.

Do not choose the perfume that smells good on someone. It cannot smell the same scent on you.

Do not judge the smell of the perfume when it is still in the bottle. Our skin is the essential aspect in choosing the right scent because we can only smell the top notes and that may not smell on our skin.

Do try and walk for an hour because we may like the top notes but it is the base that determines the final scent on our skin. It takes an average of hour to develop. So, after one hour, we can make our decision.

Do not smell too many perfumes at one time, just try three to four. We can try wafting coffee beans under our nose to refresh our smelling powers.

As Roja Dova said, never go with a friend. Fragrance is so personal and such a reflection of our own personality they may well force their own tastes on you. It could be a relationship that lasts a lifetime – the perfume that is!

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