Fuller and Thicker Eyelashes

There is nothing quite like having fuller and thicker eyelashes. Having this effect is so popular and sexy right now, that many beauty spas and salons offer products and services to help people achieve this truly glamorous and sexy look.
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Some of these products and services to get fuller and thicker eyelashes include:

  • Mascara

One of the most popular ways to get fuller, thicker eyelashes is to use mascara. This age old make up tool defines and de-clumps your eyelashes. You can also us a mascara brush with your black mascara. In order to use this properly, you will need to apply the black mascara from the base of your eyelashes to the tips of it, gently wiggling the brush as you go up your eyelashes. You can also apply a few layers of mascara to the upper eyelashes in order to accentuate them.

Another way to use mascara is to combine it with the use of an eyelash curler and baby powder. The baby power should be sprinkled onto your thumb and index finger from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye whilst gently it into your eyelashes. Then add another coat of mascara in a wiggling motion. After this, use your eyelash curler after your mascara has dried. If your eyelashes look like they have been clumped together, then wash your applicator and then run it through your eyelashes in order to separate them.

  • Eyelash Extensions

As you can get hair extensions, you can also get eyelash extensions as well. Similar to good quality hair extensions, both your natural eyelash and synthetic hairs are bonded together to create longer eyelashes which last for approximately 1 month. Although getting eyelash extensions are fairly expensive and it can take a while to apply initially, it can make it a bit of a hassle for many people.

  • False Eyelashes

Cheaper than getting eyelash extensions, false eyelashes are for everyday people who want to have sexy eyes when they are partying or having a glamorous night out. Technology has come a long way, assisting new false eyelashes to look natural. However, they can be quite difficult to apply if you are not patient or skilled in doing it. In order to apply false eyelashes, you will need to buy them coming in a strip. You will then need to measure them so that you can trim them to perfectly fit the length of your eyelid. After this, a Q-Tip should be used to gently dab eyelash adhesive onto the back of the lash before applying it onto your upper eyelid. Eyeliner can then be applied over the false eyelashes’ base.

  • Adding Oil

Some natural remedies to get fuller and thicker eyelashes is to add oil before going to bed. Olive oil or Castor oil can be applied on your eyelashes before sleep-time. Alternatively, an equal portion of vegetable glycerin and Castor oil can be used to apply on your lashes before sleeping.

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