4 Steps to Look For in an Anti-Aging Regimen

If you have been looking in the mirror and noticing the years have crept up on you or you are seeing dull looking skin, lines and wrinkles appearing on your face, eyes, and neck, there are some easy steps to improve your skin’s complexion in the privacy of your own home without going to the doctor’s office.

To help combat the aging process, your goal should be to find quality skincare products that will exfoliate, tone, protect, and moisturize. Be consistent and use as recommended in order to see the results you desire.

1. Find a gentle exfoliating wash: Look for a facial wash with the ingredient Kaolin Clay, which will draw out the impurities from your pores and gently exfoliate the dead surface skin cells. Dimethicone strengthens the skin’s barrier and also helps clear up breakouts. Dimethicone is also ideal for sensitive skin. Exfoliation will help even your skin’s tone and while improving its overall texture.

2. Get a hydrating toner: A hydrating toner helps to brighten dull-looking skin. Look for Creatine, a skin energy booster. It enhances cell renewal and begins the rejuvenation process. If the toner was applied with a cotton gauze and the gauze is dirty looking after the toner is applied to your face, you have just removed dead skin cells off your face.

3. Use sunscreen protection: It’s important to use at least SPF 15. Sunscreen also acts as a moisturizer if it is combined with quality peptides and antioxidants. Make sure your sunscreen contains the FDA recognized Dimethicone. These ingredients will stimulate natural collagen production to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Remember, the skin’s loss of collagen begins at age 30.

4. Don’t forget the night cream: A quality night cream will increase your skin’s temperature to maximize moisture and repair collagen while you sleep. A good ingredient to look for in a night cream is Ultrasome, which helps repair damage, prevents moisture loss and boosts natural collagen.

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