Best Skin Moisturizers For African Americans

Best Skin Moisturizers For African Americans

As with most skin types, African Americans have all kinds of skin. Their skin can be over oily, dry, regular or oily and dry combined. Depending on what type of skin tone you have, it can make a big difference on what to use on your skin. Follow the everyday rules like putting your moisturizer on with clean hands and making sure to but a little more around the areas of the eyes. Although, there are a few rules that apply to African American skin only.

It’s a well-known myth that just because an African American’s skin is dark, that it is less likely that their skin will be harmed by the sun. This is absolutely not true. It’s always good to protect your face with a moisturizer that contains SFP.

Another thing to keep in mind is that African American skin has larger oil glands than most nationalities, this gives a higher amount of the population oily skin. Whenever there is a larger amount of oil on the skin, there is usually signs of acne because the pores can become clogged because of too much oil. One of the oldest and best treatments for super oily skin is to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water can help keep your skin supple and cleansed from the inside out.

Things like really hot water and a soap-cleanser will dry out the skin, causing you to end up overusing moisturizer. Make sure you use warm water (not hot) when cleaning your face before applying moisturizer. Exfoliation of the skin before applying moisturizer is important too. This makes sure that your dead skin cells are not blocking areas of your face where moisturizer will benefit. Apply a toner to your face to make sure you moisturizer keeps the moisture in.

The best moisturizers won’t work unless the steps above are done properly. Good moisturizers to try and find for African American skin are moisturizers that are allergen free and do not contain oil. A light-weight moisturizer is good because the heaviness won’t clog pores, just keep them firm.

If your skin is extra dry, use a milk based cleanser which is much easier on the superficial portion of the skin and helps restore it to a regular oil base over time. Exfoliants with small pieces of apricot or other things are good for dryer skins because they will remove the dry pieces of dead skin a little better than a regular exfoliant. One great herb to use on dry skin is chamomile.

Great ways to keep your face moisturized is by using face masks a couple times a week and remembering to use moisturizer that doesn’t contain too heavy of a base because this can actually cause wrinkles instead protecting you from them. Keeping your skin protected and using the correct form of skin moisturizer for an African American skin tone can keep it from showing a gray color and leave it very supple and glowing. You want a moisturizer to help you maintain a glowing look for a long time, so make sure to stay on a good moisturizing routine.