How To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

If you want to know how to keep skin looking young, there are some simple yet effective methods you can use that are completely natural. The reason many people overlook them is that they seem too simple to work! Here are my top 4 tips.

#1 Drink More Water and Hydrate Yourself

This is extremely easy to do and very underrated.

What does help is if you can use some kind of home filtration to remove the toxins from your tap water!

Water is essential for just about every process in the body, and the skin being the largest organ really benefits from it. It helps to regulate pH levels and prevent it from becoming too dry. Despite what you may have heard about the dangers of drinking too much, it is actually very hard to do.

Try adding an extra glass with breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will not only improve your skin texture and tone for younger looking skin, but will also have more energy and improve your overall health and future well-being too.

#2 Exfoliate More

Exfoliate more or start if you don’t! One of the secrets of how to keep skin looking young is to do this at least once a week. You remove the dead outer skin cells to reveal the new and vibrant ones underneath.

The physical action of exfoliating also helps to increase the flow of oxygen rich blood to further improve your tone.

#3 Premium Fish Oils

Some companies provide these premium oils with extra antioxidants such as lycopene and astaxanthin. As well as getting all the wonderful health benefits for your heart and brain, these are exceptionally good for your skin.

They have been proven to reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin (photo-aging) as well as normal aging. They help to firm up your skin by up to 10%, increasing the thickness and reducing the dryness.

#4 Organic Skin Care

While many organic creams and lotions are not what they seem (many contain harmful substances like parabens and precious little active ones), the best ones can have a great impact.

Look for a blend of natural plant extracts, antioxidants, natural oils, special sea kelp, honey, minerals, vitamins and much more. They should be free from any harmful chemicals and hence safe enough to eat.

These help to increase your collagen levels which results in younger looking and healthy skin, feed your skin with exactly what it needs to heal and repair and prevent the signs of aging from returning.

Now you know the secrets of how to keep your skin looking young, you can soon look forward to having a more youthful and much healthier appearance, and keep it that way.

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