How to Painlessly Get Rid of Skin Tags

How to Painlessly Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags are irksome things. They are actually benign tumors that form on the skin as unsightly, wrinkly protrusions not too unlike moles. They are frequently discolored and generally uncomfortable. The clinical term for this is ‘acrochordon’, but they are colloquially known as skin tags. However, they can be removed with care.

Removing skin tags is not always easy, but it can be done with the aid of various over-the-counter products available at reasonable prices. In any case, removing them on one’s own can be painless, but enlisting a dermatologist is also a possibility. It is important to remember that tags are completely benign and that treatment is always an option, and rarely a necessity unless a related condition should arise through the skin tag, such as inflammation or infection. The following are the most common means by which to handle tags.

1.) Cryosurgery. Skin tags, much like persistent warts and some forms of moles can simply be frozen away. Cold can easily be applied to the specific skin cells by a trained surgeon, which will kill only the undesirable cells that comprise the skin tag.

2.) Scratching. Some tags do not hold very tightly to the skin at all. These can simply be scratched away with one’s fingernails or exfoliation, however, it is important not to scratch too hard or cause any pain, as this is a sign of damage and leaves one vulnerable to infection. This should only be done for very small tags that will fall off on their own.

3.) Strangling. While it may sound gruesome, tying a very fine cord or thread around the base of the skin tag will deny it blood flow and oxygen (if it indeed has blood flow to it) and will result in it simply falling off after about 48 hours. This is generally the most reliable method and is least likely to result in a scar.

Skin tags are frequently annoying, but they are easy to deal with. If they are severe, a dermatologist should be contacted, but for the most part they can be done away with by one’s own self, without pain or too much struggle.