The Reasons Why People Do Makeup

Makeup has its origins from the performers of the Arts. Drama, Movie and Theatre actors aim to entertain people for a living. To achieve this, they act in a way or in a style that is not depicting of their style in private life. This is primarily because these actors try to impersonate characters which exist in the minds of a fiction writer. Fiction writers have stories in their minds which they wish to sell against money. To do so, writers hire actors to act as depictions of their fictional ideas. However, due to the actors’ often different facial characteristics, adjustments have to be made to their faces’ outlook to create a real-duplicate of the idealized entity. Makeup is the means of achieving this end, this practical-fiction. However, makeup is generally used to the extent of outward facial application only.

Makeup expressions would naturally vary depending on the author and what he wishes to communicate; his mood. Makeup is basically associated with the fictional world of style, the world of imagination which exists in the minds of people. It has no link with the real world of reasoning and logic.

Cosmetics are used for the purposes of make-up. Cosmetics are substances used to enhance the makeup or body odour of the human body. They are used to refer to products used for maintenance of the complete human body, and there is a long list of categories available. Cosmetics include skin care creams, talcum powders, fingernail and toe nail polishes, hair gels, mouthwash, et cetera. A subset of cosmetics is called ‘make-up’ which refers to coloured products intended to alter the user’s facial expressions only. Furthermore, many manufacturers distinguish between decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics.

In showbiz, there are three kinds of make-up artists, straight-makeup artist, character-makeup artist and special-effect-makeup artist.

Makeup is also a daily life activity of the modern women. The desire to look more beautiful and charming is the driving force of the women to apply makeup before going out. No matter how beautiful a woman is, she will always be interested in some supplementary makeup so that she will feel more comfortable.

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