How To Cope With Thinning Hair In Women

The most important step is to contact a physician to rule out any medical conditions. Some women may find that there are hormonal issues that are contributing to the thinning of hair. In order to rule out any medical conditions, the woman should schedule a visit with a doctor to determine the cause for the hair problem. After identifying the medical reason for the hair condition, prepare to make the recommended changes suggested by the physician.

Women must also take the time to evaluate their diet. Poor or inadequate nutrition can contribute to thinning hair in women. Deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals like iron can contribute to hair thinning in women. A balanced diet consisting of vegetables and fruits can reduce the chances of a woman developing the condition. Coping with hair loss may require making some dietary changes.

Women should consider any new medication. Baldness can often be a response to a newly prescribed medication. Some medications designed to treat depression in women can cause hair loss in some cases. Bipolar medications can also cause the woman’s hair to thin. Medical treatments like chemotherapy can cause the hair to thin in women. Women can discuss the situation with their doctor and begin to explore other viable treatment options.

Another common cause of baldness can be related to stress. Women under a tremendous amount of stress may be more susceptible to premature thinning. Even though the woman may have quite a few responsibilities, the woman must take some time to learn how to manage stress. Stress management techniques are essential in helping the woman learn how best to deal with stress before it becomes overwhelming.

Coping with hair that is thinning may require the support of friends and loved ones. Drawing on inspiration and wisdom from those who have experienced thinning with hair at one point or another is one way to cope with the condition. Scheduling personal down time for a vacation or retreat is another great way to cope with the condition. Improving the diet by increasing the vegetable and fruit intake may also help a woman cope with the thinning in hair. Being proactive in addressing concerns about any prescriptions with a physician can help the woman become empowered with information on alternative treatment options. The thinning condition can be an emotional experience for a woman, but becoming informed about the underlying causes, and making recommended changes can better prepare the woman to cope with the condition.