How To Get The Best Price On Diamond Earrings

In many ways shopping for diamond earrings can be one of the most difficult jewelry purchases you will ever make. Finding out how to get the best price on diamond earrings is a tough proposition especially when it comes to getting the most for your money. Unlike buying a diamond engagement ring with diamond earrings you typically have less of a budget and you are now dealing with two stones instead of one. Below are some tips on how to get the best price for diamond earrings.

How to get the best price for diamond earrings tip number one: Shop online but see what you’re getting before you buy it. Many times online sellers of diamond earrings will advertise extremely low prices on larger carat weight earrings, however just because you are getting “big” diamond earrings does not necessarily mean you are getting “beautiful” ones. Make sure that you have a way to verify that the cut of the diamond that you are buying is good or very good quality. Nothing is worse than receiving diamond earrings that just don’t sparkle.

How to get the best price for diamond earrings tip number two: If you have to give, give up clarity. Going with a set of diamond earrings that have slightly more inclusions may free up money in your budget that you can put towards carat weight and a better cut stone people are going to get so close to someone here that they can notice a small inclusion in her diamond earrings so if there is a category to skimp on, clarity is it.

Tip #3: Shop the more expensive stores. The first step in your search for good quality diamond earrings at a great price should be your high-end local jewelry stores. Although you may not end up purchasing the stores in the end you will get a fantastic education and a good idea of the quality you want to look for to benchmark. If you are shopping a higher-end store typically take what your budget was going to be, double it, and tell the salesperson that is the price range you want to be at then if you find the right combination that meet your budget you can go looking to replicate that set of earrings at a more affordable source.

Tip #4: This is more controversal tip but it applies to buying most high priced items that can have their price negotiated. It has been shown that if you show too much excitment about the purchase that a salesperson will recognize this and think that they already have you hooked on the item. This makes them believe that they don’t have to do anything more on price to earn your business. Therefore, when you walk into a store it’s best to present your self like a “flake” or somebody who is “just browsing.” A salesperson will work harder to earn your business. Have a reasonable price in your mind that you will be satisified with. If the salesperson offers this price, great, take it! But if they don’t, try to negotiate some more and if you can’t come to an agreement say “thanks, here’s my phone number and call me if you can get to the price that I need.” Nine out of ten times if you are just paitent, the sales person will call you back and agree to your price or atlest a price that is very close to what you are asking for.