Reducing your breast size using liposuction

One of the ways to have scarless breast after breasts reduction surgery is by having a breast reduction liposuction. In order to reduce the weight and size of very large breasts it can be by this procedure.

Traditionally, this procedure is done by making an anchor-shaped incision circling the areola. Fatty breasts tissue can only be removed by cutting away the nipple and areola and leaving it aside.

It is place in the right position according to the new size of the breast after the procedure. No matter how good the surgeon is, there will always be a scar from this type of procedure. Not only is this scar visible but it will cause fluid retention, long time for the scar to heal, unusual mammograms and others.

However, you can have smaller breasts without scar by using liposuction. Only a small cut under the breast is needed to insert the liposuction equipment. Then, the fats are sucked out. Even if this procedure leave scar, it is not as visible and it is small. The advantage of this procedure is that the nipple and areola area are untouched. This is good because that woman will not lose nipple sensation and she can still breastfeed later in life and no weird mammograms. It takes about three to four weeks to heal and it is much faster than the traditional surgery.

Any woman who has fatty breasts tissue is the perfect patient for breasts reduction procedure. This is normal for larger woman and women with post menopause due to deterioration in glandular tissues.

This procedure is not appropriate for thin women because there are less fat tissues. On the other hand, women with too much of fatty breast tissue are also not suitable for this procedure because the breasts need to be reshaped.

Scarless breast reduction makes the breasts smaller and not changing the shape. This procedure is suitable for those who want a moderate reduction in their breasts.