How to Impress My Husband With Surprises!

Do you feel as if your marriage has become stagnant? If yes, then you must feel devastated. It’s like there is nothing new in your life with your husband, and it might feel as if you might lose him anytime soon. Fear not! Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your husband impressed with a lot of surprises.

Step one: Love notes
Send your husband love notes once in a while. Put them under the pillows, in his wallet, or inside his pockets. Once he finds one of them in his things, he will be pleasantly surprised.

Step two: Express love in pictures
Make a scrapbook that contains many of your pictures. Give it to him and browse through the pages together. Use this opportunity to let him know how he has become the husband you’ve always wanted, and that you can never imagine life without him.

Step three: Snuggle for a day
Stay in bed for an entire day. Kiss, cuddle, and have great sex. You can have things to eat available by the side of the bed so you wouldn’t have to get up to get them. You should also wear something comfortable.

Step four: Give him a day off
Give your husband a day off to go out with his friends. Sometimes, men want to spend time with their friends to catch up and just have a good time. If you tell him he can do so, he will appreciate the gesture, and in turn, help him appreciate you more, as well.

Step five: Wash his car
Your husband will truly be impressed if you have his car washed. He’d be surprised because women rarely show any interest on cars aside from the fact that they get them from one place to the other. It’ll be nice to know that he doesn’t have to take care of his vehicle, and he will truly enjoy going to work in a car that’s clean.

Step six: Give him shopping money
Spending someone else’s money feels better when compared to spending your own. On his birthday, give him money so that he can buy the things that he needs.

Step seven: Experience the great outdoors
You can either go biking, hiking, or just walk together. You can also talk while you are out to experience the great outdoors. Eating ice cream from a cone during your outdoor trip is a great idea. This is a good bonding moment you will enjoy with your husband.

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